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PUBG Hacks/Cheats With Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, And Radar Hack

By Alisa Smith – Updated August 10th, 2021
Update 12.2 for PUBG features the introduction of a new map, Taego, and along with this map, new items that match its surroundings have been released, including a new Hyundai vehicle. The Comeback BR mode for PUBG was also released with this new update, allowing players to come back in if they get killed early enough.

PUBG’s latest map is on the horizon, and it’s known as Taego, set in South Korea with the addition of many new South Korean items. For example, the game will now feature the K2 assault rifle, which is domestically produced in South Korea. The update also adds the Hyundai Pony to the game as a vehicle.

Update 11.2 for PUBG hasn’t done anything crazy like adding any new maps, but it has reworked the bridges that you’ll find on Erangel. Along with these changes, PUBG’s latest update has also added the Survivor Pass, which is the game’s version of a battle pass system, and its first season is Pajama-themed.

Before Fortnite and Apex Legends, PUBG started it all when it comes to the Battle Royale Genre. With the immense popularity of the Hunger Games, the original Japanese movie was thrust into the limelight and a new gaming genre skyrocketed on the charts. Battle Royale are insanely popular, and for good reason, their gameplay loop is inherently addictive.

Because PUBG and other BR games are largely based on what loot you can scavenge at any given time, people often find themselves frustrated when they can’t win. PUBG is one of the most visceral and devastating experiences you will put under your belt. There’s a reason it has fallen into mainstream success.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds had fairly humble origins, a simple modification appended onto another game's engine: ARMA 3. After getting his studio started PlayerUnknown launched a stand-alone title that could not have timed the market perfectly.
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With the influx of cash, the developers were able to increase the scale and scope of the game and have been regularly patching it since launch. This includes entirely new sections of the map, quality of life improvements, optimization and a bunch of new features/mechanics.

PUBG is by no means a dead game and still has a large player base, especially from countries like China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Unfortunately, this has lead to a pandemic of cheaters. So if you’re here reading this, you’re probably looking to fight fire with fire. We’ll get to that.

You can play solo or with a team, though most cheaters do so because they are tired of having to rely on incompetent teammates who more often than not only serve to get the whole team killed. PUBG has the same basic constituent parts as any other BR game but is largely distinguished by its gunplay and map design. The developers definitely have a sense of humour since they allow you to murder enemies with certain household cookware…

The guns feel hefty and if you're a fan of realistic gunplay with an almost milsim quality, then PUBG is the BR for you. The time to kill is very short, offering you the pinnacle of hardcore experiences that is similar to Escape From Tarkov. It's a lot less arcadey than Warzone.

The game also stands out by incorporating cars. This can be very useful for getting around but creates a soundscape target over you, as cars aren’t exactly quiet. A good team will learn to use vehicles as efficiently as possible to get in and out quickly.

PUBG is vicious for new players and most of them get turned off by the steep curve it takes to learn the ins and outs of the game. If you like the game, but just can’t get those cherished chicken dinners, then you might turn to some external help...

PUBG Hacks

PUBG has a lot of hackers. It's a problem, but also great for business for us… It wasn't always like this, but unfortunately, this is the state of the game now. What's the old saying? If you can't beat them, might as well join them.

This created a cascading effect, a nuclear fission of hacks. The problem has been getting progressively worse and the developers aren’t quite sure how to proceed, as the use of advanced anti-cheat protocols is often declaimed as being the developer's attempt to add spyware onto your computer.

This isn't that far from the truth, as most anti-cheat software will collect information on your machine that you don't necessarily want it to.

Hacking in a game like PUBG, because of its hardcore gameplay, really gives you an unequivocal advantage over everyone else. Compared to a game like Fortnite or Apex Legends, hacking in PUBG makes you nigh invincible. This is infinitely better than struggling on a downwards spiral of the game’s inherent difficulty.
Mainly our hacks include aimbots, ESP wallhacks and Radar Hacks. Each product we offer is custom-tailored and has its specificities, however, they are largely all built using the same code and methodology. If you find the gunplay frustrating in PUBG but are committed to mastering it, these hacks will help you keep wanting to play the game.

The PUBG devs have been hard at work trying to crack down on hackers, but hackers just become more devious in how they bypass the security measures. This has led the game to become quite the niche for experimental modders to break games in clever ways. Our cheats are reliable and probably the most sophisticated on the market.

Because most hackers are from Asian countries, they have focused on IP bans more than understanding the vulnerabilities in their game files. If they’re not IP banning, they’re hardware banning directly from compromised drivers (how we install the hacks). The installation process can be a little tricky, but luckily we have a whole team of professionals to guide you through the process.

Ours will work not just now but for the foreseeable future, we have to make certain assurances to guarantee the longevity of our products. With that concern mitigated, let's ask you a few questions to help guide you to specific products.

Choosing the Correct PUBG Hack for Your Playing Style

Hacking can and will completely change the nature of the game for you. IF you like a challenge, well, unfortunately, hacking removes most of that. IF you like winning, on the other hand, then there's no better investment in giving you all the necessary tools to guarantee victory.

Take a look at the specifications of the products we offer, as there are numerous packs for the same game, all with slightly different architecture and constraints. You'll want to find something that works for you on a gameplay level, but also something compatible with your processors.

The rest of this guide acts as if you are completely new to the nefarious world of hacking and will procedurally explain not only what each hack is, but how you can adjust its setting to better fit your style. This will largely allow you to set your expectations for our products.

It's always beneficial to see the hacks themselves posted on YouTube, and you can often search to see how these work on a fundamental level. Now if you don't have the time or expertise to build your mods, you can always opt to pay for professional cheat loaders like our products and services.

The architecture of these cheats alternates between internal and external and which one you choose to purchase will affect various factors, notably whether or not you will have in-game UI panels to adjust the cheat, or whether you’ll have it running as a background process (note that this also forces you to play the game in windowed mode for optimal experience).

Internal hacks tend to be deeper embedded in the game files, giving you far more control, but can sometimes be risky when the engine itself patches a vulnerability. External cheats largely need to be caught by anti-cheat software instead. Another thing to account for is the kind of hack package you want to get your hands on.

Internal cheats have a much better-benchmarked performance compared to external cheats as well. If you're primarily relying on an aimbot, then you'll want to purchase an internal cheat. If you're more interested in informational hacks like an ESP or Radar Hack, then an external hack will do the job just as well.

External cheats have slight input delay, though most of the time this doesn’t make a huge difference. However, it is also reliant on the power and architecture of your processor.

External cheats are a bit harder to detect because anti-cheat software doesn't patch nearly as often as the actual game.

Even if you are suspected of hacking and your game footage is pulled for review, we offer some of the most sophisticated software to help you cover your tracks. Without further ado, let’s dive into the actual hacks for sale here at PCTorque.

Aimbot Cheats for PUBG

If you're constantly failing to line up your shots, compensating for long-range bullet drop or have an unsteady jittery hand, then our PUBG aimbot will make all the necessary calculations to ensure that you never miss a shot again. Your crosshairs will automatically lock on to the target like a laser-guided missile.

Aimbots are the preferred hack of choice for players who struggle with accuracy. With this aimbot you can adjust where you want it to aim; though by default we have it set to the head, as this does the most damage in most games. However, for whatever reason, you want to set it to something else, for instance, because you think it might raise suspicion how you land nothing but headshots all the time, that is entirely possible and advisable. Chest shots are much more believable.

The keybinding for the aimbot can be set manually or you can just leave the bot on all the time. This determines how much of a challenge you still want to set for yourself. The degree of control you have over the tool should be intuitive and completely in your hands. That is why we have designed it with the player in mind and have streamlined most of the UI so that you have no issues setting it up just as you want it.

If you have the aimbot on by default, turning it off when you know someone spectating you can be useful, but we have also programmed several other features to negate suspicion. Still, these tools aren't perfect and we advise using discretion when employing our products in games.
One of these tools to mask the rigidity of your aimbot is called a smoothness function. This allows your crosshairs to move more gradually and with the imperceptible imperfections of a human hand instead of a machine’s mechanical grip. For a truly marginal loss in reaction time, you’re doing a lot for yourself to make sure you won’t raise any red flags.

The field of view of your aimbot is also important to tailor to your specifications. This is the angle that your aimbot has access to along the edges of your vision, meaning the larger it is, the more performant the aimbot is, at the cost of human credibility. Unless you can convince your friends you have a divine wind blowing at your back giving you premonitions of enemies before you’d credibly be able to see them.

Our PUBG Wallhack and ESP Exclusive Features

PUBG ESP hacks allow you to see through walls. This helps you decide intelligently between fight and flight. You’ll also be able to track down specific loot you’re filtering for, so that each match you play, you always end up with nothing but the S tier weapons.

There are several switches that you're free to experiment with, depending on how cluttered a UI you like to have. This can potentially ruin immersion, but you'll be able to have access to information that completely changes the way you approach the game.

There are many drawn visualizations available for you to choose from. We recommend the glowing outline, but perhaps you'll simply want a bounded box or the enemy's bone structure so you can know whether they're standing, crouching or prone. You can also display the enemy's currently equipped weapon to know whether or not you have the range advantage.
Determining at which range you want to begin drawing these visualizations is important, as it can quickly crowd your screen in a BR game mode where there are usually quite a few players playing at once. This can overwhelm your visual processing and perhaps take away from your added edge.

The ESP is what will be the most useful in a pinch when you’re outnumbered. It might even allow you to win fights against all odds simply because you’ll be, for all intents and purposes, completely unflankable.

As long as you're playing smart and sticking to cover, there's no plausible way you can die while using an ESP. Even though the odds are very low, they aren't completely impossible, so just bear that in mind.

Radar Hack for PUBG

This last hack is deceptively simple and more often than not, will save your life. The Radar Hack simply adds a minimap to the game since it doesn't have one. This will allow you to navigate the map on a larger scale like an apex predator. You'll be instilled with the informational intuition of knowing when to third party, and when you're better off holding fire and waiting for another big group to kill each other off.

In tandem with an ESP, you’re pretty much set with all the necessary information to always move with swift and decisive purpose. A tracker hunting prey that doesn’t even know it’s being stalked…

The map can be pinned wherever you want it, and you can change the percentage of opacity so that it is more or less invasive. There are even icons that you can choose from some select presets from in case you're bored of the traditional red dot on the map.

PUBG Hacks: Why Do People Use Them?

The reasons are as infinite as the stars in the cosmos. We're not shrinks, we're programmers, but it is always fun for us to hazard a few guesses. Understanding the motivation for hacking in a game like PUBG will largely help you determine if you've read this solely for personal curiosity or because you're ready to take the next steps to get a lifetime supply of chicken dinners.

The sheer amount of players competing simultaneously means that statistically, your likelihood of success is limited from the start. This is an aspect of the genre that you either love or hate: the scale. Generally, there is less skill involved compared to a game like R6 Siege and it ends up being a question of luck: being in the right place at the right time.

Maybe you’re not a fan of this. Maybe this doesn’t satisfy you. If you still want to play the game, just be the best at it without having to try too hard and without feeling like your experience is being compromised by random chance, then hacking is a reasonable expectation.

Hacking can also be a kind of insurance against other hackers. You might use them sparingly, which is good because it means you probably won't get caught. Better to err on the side of caution, but also have the tools necessary to avoid being a sitting duck in situations where the odds are artificially stacked against you.

Using cheats as a basis provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that even if you're not as good as other players, you'll have that extra boost needed to remain competitive and not feel like you're getting stomped to the curb whenever you boot up the game.

Exclusive PUBG Hacks from 

We offer sublime customer service. When you trust your money with us, we take that commitment to heart and strive to give you the best possible customer experience. Again, we don’t want to compromise or alienate our economic base. If you’ve had bad experiences with other vendors, ask yourself if people looking to rip you off for a quick buck would invest this much time and energy into such a great website.

You’re not just buying code, you’re buying an experience. What we deliver, is found nowhere else beyond this website and on a select few of our associates.

It is possible that when installing free cheats from forums or websites with very little information that you'll be setting up ransomware on your device. We, on the other hand, have made far more money simply by delivering a stellar product without any gimmicks or tricks.

We craft our hacks with the utmost care because we like to use them ourselves. We got so carried away with making them polished and shiny, we decided we might as well turn them onto the general public to at least monetize the thousands of hours that have gone into making them.

Our hand picked PUBG Hacks

PUBG Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

PUBG: Intel Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Virtualization must be enabled
Intel CPU Only
HWID Locked


  • Team/friendly check
  • Bones
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Visibility checks
  • Smart Item ESP


  • Visibility checks
  • Bone selection
  • Humanized smoothing
  • Lock target
  • FOV
  • Multiple aimbot keys
  • Memory or mouse aimbot

Special Options

  • RCS (Recoil Control System)
  • Customise Kick
  • Customise Recoil
  • Radar

PUBG: Nvidia Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2)
Nvidia GPU Only!
ESP Only and Stream Proof
Virtualization must be disabled
HWID Locked


  • Fully customizable ESP
  • Bones
  • Skeleton
  • Health
  • Weapon
  • Vehicles
  • Death Corpse
  • Loot
  • Airdrop Package
  • Visibility Check


  • No Aimbot available with this cheat

Special Options

  • No Misc available with this cheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
Every product is made by a different team and has its own set of peculiarities. Make sure to match your system specifications to the hacks in our product description pages.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
Smoothness on the aimbot makes you less Terminator and more Rambo. Just as deadly, just more human and less likely to be accused of running targeting software. By voluntarily slowing the performance of your Aimbot, your game footage becomes far more trustworthy if it is ever up for review by mods.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
A radar hack is an informational hack that displays enemies on a 2-dimensional plane. It is best paired with an ESP which draws visualizations of enemies directly in your 3-dimensional viewport. Your enemies will never disappear from the minimap.
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
This hack gives you firm control over any weapon you use and at whatever rate of fire you want to use it. This hack is quite noticeable however and should not be used in games with spectators or when you are streaming your footage.
Q5. Are PUBG hacks safe to use?
In terms of getting caught, our cheats are your best. No cheat is impervious or flawless, but most of them are pretty good. Anti-cheat software is not very effective. If any of our hacks are detected by the engine, then we will inform you and you can temporarily turn them off until we update the loader.
Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
It is not entirely outside the realm of possibility that you will be banned when using our cheats. You need to use them as much as possible and within reason, responsibly and judiciously. If you lose your account, there isn't anything we can do to get you unbanned.
Q7. Where can I download the PUBG cheat loader?
You’ll find further instructions about how to install the loader on your receipt via the e-mail you’ve registered under.
Q8. Do you offer customer service?
Our customer service team is also part of our development team so they know what they’re talking about and can get your cheats up and working in no time at all if you have any problems.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
We use an HWID locked loader to prevent this. The locked loader simply ties 1 purchase to 1 machine, denying you the possibility of distributing our work. It is essentially a kind of copyright lock on our proprietary software.
A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
This spoofer prevents a hardware ban based on your driver signatures. Some of our hack packs come with these already installed and others require a separate purchase. Make sure you read the details of the product page before purchasing.

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