Status : Online
Hack Rating: ★★★★☆
Ease of Use: ★★★★☆
CPU Compatibility: INTEL CPU Only with virtualization enabled

Modern Warfare Hack By Intel

Call of Duty Modern Warfare was a long sought-after return to one of fans’ favorite Call of Duty settings in history, and the one that brought the franchise into the modern era. However, when you remove your rose-tinted glasses, you’ll find that COD is just as frustrating as it’s always been. Until you use the Intel cheat pack, that is.
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Are There any Hardware Restrictions for this Cheat Pack?

Yes, you will only be able to use these cheats if you’re running an Intel CPU in your computer because that’s the only kind of processor that this cheat pack has been optimized for. We have several other Modern Warfare cheat packs that you can opt for if you’re using an AMD CPU.

Why Does This Pack Only Work With Intel CPUs?

The development team behind these hacks decided to focus their efforts on optimizing these cheats for Intel CPUs because it allowed them to cut down on the number of glitches that were left over in the code. By optimizing it for one platform, the development time of this cheat pack was more reasonable.

MW Hack by Intel

The Intel cheat set is a reliable internal cheat package for Modern Warfare, allowing the user to enjoy enhanced performance and a wide range of cheats that can easily give you a competitive edge. For example, this cheat pack features a map hack, no recoil cheat, ESP, and aimbot.

Aimbot with visibility checks
Enemy and friendly ESPs
No recoil and rapid fire mods
Triggerbot included

When you use the Intel pack for Modern Warfare, you can boost both your K/D and your win rate by improving your performance at the game. If you’re sick and tired of getting frustrated at Modern Warfare, then this is the pack of cheats for you.

System Requirements

  • Supports Intel CPU Only
  • CPU Virtualization enabled
  • Supports Nvidia and AMD GPUs
  • Windows 10 (1903~20H2)
  • HWID Locked
  • Spoofer Included
  • BIOS MODE SET TO UEFI AND DISKS SET TO GPT MODE TO USE, Mandatory Secure Boot Disabled, Fast Boot Disabled, Virtualization Enabled.

Modern Warfare Intel Features

Enemy ESP (Bones)
Enemy Info (Death,Team,Distance,Health)
Item ESP with filters.
Adjustable Aim FOV & Smooth & Distance
Mouse Aimbot
Aim key selector
Visibility checks
Lock target
Aim bone selector
Triggerbot Highly configurable
No recoil
Rapid fire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this cheat easy to use?
To get started with the Intel hack set for Modern Warfare, merely run the cheat loader and then start up the game. You’ll now be able to set up your cheat settings before you load into your first match.
Q2. Is this cheat stream proof?
Yes, this is a stream proof cheat, meaning that your viewers will not be able to see that you’re hacking when you use it.
Q3. Is this cheat internal or external?
This internal cheat package offers excellent performance.
Q4. Do I need to disable protections and anti-virus to use the cheat?
Please disable your secure boot function in your computer’s BIOS as well as your anti-virus before installing this cheat pack so you don’t run into any issues.
Q5. Does it come with an HWID spoofer?
Yes, we’ve included a free HWID spoofer with this cheat package so you don’t end up getting hardware banned.
Q6. Can I play in fullscreen?
Yes, this cheat runs just fine in fullscreen mode.
Q7. Can I use a controller?
While it’s technically possible to use a controller with these cheats, you’ll need to remap your aim using software like Xpadder.

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